Tony Arteaga

Over 20 years of spinning records and on-air personality and experience, Tony Arteaga has unmatched radio presence and command of his Rock audience. Tony’s knack for combining entertainment and music started at a young age where his Uncle “Snooky” was a classical guitar player who loved to play the blues and he was also a music teacher.  Tony’s love for radio was sparked by a high school  speech class where he quickly figured out that music = dancing and dancing = girls. This later led to DJ-ing for some of the hottest clubs in the Chicagoland area. Going back to the mid-90’s, Tony helped propel the Mancow’s Morning Madhouse show to superstar status with a mix of live promotions, guest bookings, author and voice overs for parody commercial spots and daily entertainment. Using his experience as an associate producer of the Mancow show, he went on to garner attention in the radio industry by producing at various local stations; WBUS 99.9 “The Bus”, WCBR 92.7 “The Bus”, 93.1 “The Buzzard”, Rock of the 80’s 105.9 WCKG “The Package”, AM 1420 WIMS “The Talk of the S​outh Shore” and his latest productions “The Music Box” WVLP 103.1 FM and, Head’s House of Rock. The rest is Rock n’ Roll fantasy.